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Mobile Consultancy Strategic, technical or business oriented

We have great expertise to support companies on starting their mobile strategies through a consultancy service that combines business and technical expertise, in order to deliver strategic value to our customers.

Mobile Development iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web

We develop and design custom-tailored mobile apps, integrated with third-party APIs or customer ERP systems, and we also work with legacy apps developed by other teams, improving usability, updating resources and powering performance.

Mobile Software Factory App support and maintenance

After the first app release, We can take care of all the maintenance and roadmap, in order to keep the solution running in compliance with platforms, operating system versions, device type, and implementing new features, with fast and continuous delivery.

The Vortigo Mobile Development Process

We work with agile methodologies and process transparency.

Planning & Analysis

The entire project or service starts with the planning phase, where the schedule, expectations and risks are shared with the customer, followed by the analysis phase, involving functional specifications, wireframe creation, design and prototyping. At the end of this step, it is clear to the client the expected result.


Development & QA

After phase one is finished, the development initiates, separated into sprints and deliveries. Before every build released to the customer, all the software goes through our internal Quality Assurance (QA) area, that ensures the quality of the product released for business users or beta testers.


Continuous Delivery & Lauch

Until the final app launch, the client receives intermediate releases, and therefore can see the evolution of the app features. All the process can be followed by the customer, through online tools that keep track of every aspect of the project (milestones, sprints, status reports, etc).

Know everything about your app from the beginning

Tracking usage and statistics since the app launch is essential for business.

In Vortigo every app is integrated with App Analytics tools, which allow our support team or the customer to monitor indicators like number of downloads, time spent in the app, commonly used features, track bugs by platform and device, among others. This feature allow our team to be proactive in identifying problems during the warranty period or propose improvements when the app is under support and maintenance contract. We guarantee the solution compliance and leave the customer focused on business.

The hard work begins when the app is launched

Keep evolving your app helps you reach more users and win devoted fans

A common mistake made by companies is to launch an app, whether it is for internal use or to download in App Stores for customer access, and do not worry about keeping it updated and constantly evolving. Once in contact with the user, the apps usually receive ratings, constant feedback from the users and new feature requests. If your business does not met user expectations, frustration arises and suddenly the app usage drops dramatically. To mitigate this problem, we have several monthly contract formats of service, that can be easily adapted to your budget and business needs.

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